Ed “Big Daddy” Roth on display

All year long! The art of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth famously known for the Rat Fink, will have “Cars and Art” on display at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Exhibit Curator Bob Bubnis has assembled a lush assortment of goodies!


Photo curtsy of the National Corvette Museum

Roth’s ‘Wishbone’ car is the latest car to be restored and is on display at the event,
Galpin Auto Sports rebuilt the ‘Wishbone’ and is slated to air in March 2020 on ‘Driven’.

on Pinstriping Hiatus

Hey Thanks for looking at my pinstripng page, I’m currently not taking on any new customers as I am pissing off the ones I have… by being too busy with Life.


Pinstriping lessons will be available over the summer months (as there is hockey). If your looking for pinstriping basics and diy pinstriping I will have a couple work shops and can offer private lessons.

Pinstriping work shops will run only on evening and weekends in Bowmanville Ontario.

To start cost will be your time, dedication and a large black coffee.

Are you interested? Email me through the contact page.

pinstriping by square
pinstriping basics
Pinstriping Basics

The Art of Custom Painting

Art of Custom Paint

The Step-by-Step Instructional manual for custom painting techniques and equipment

Finally found this rare book and I have to share it with everyone I can for a minimal finders fee.

There are some great old-school techniques that have been lost, available as a digital download,  in my online store.


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1975 Oldsmobile W-30 Pinstriped by Square!

Painted pinstripe package by Square

Welcome to the new “Pinstriping by Square” web site.

Check back for updates often,  hand painted Pinstriping, new and old artwork as well as hand painted goodies.

Have a look at this beautiful W-30 Oldsmobile we worked on, the original stripe package with painted on to add longevity.

Thanks for stopping in and email us the the contact page.